Powered To Serve

We established, designed, and programmed our company to serve our clients. When it came to selecting our company name, it was an easy decision. The F1 key on a computer executes a help screen for many computer programs. F1 Information Technologies (F1 IT) focuses on serving small-to-medium-sized businesses by providing them with efficient and innovative IT practices. We help companies execute the IT processes they need to enhance business management and profitability on a daily basis.


F1 IT designs, manages, maintains, and supports computer networks and solutions. Under the leadership of the founders, John Paul Keesy and Matthew Bates, our company is committed to using old-fashioned business values and service innovation. After spending several years working as professional IT consultants in the private sector, Mr. Keesy and Mr. Bates built F1 IT from the ground up with a "pay it forward" mentality that aligns with the goals of the clients we serve.


Uncompromising integrity and business ethics are inherent in the F1 IT corporate culture. F1 IT has a servant’s mentality when it comes to its clients, employees, and strategic partners. Both Mr. Keesy and Mr. Bates understand that F1 IT has a leadership role in the small business community and gladly take on the responsibility of always looking at the "big picture" when it comes to practicing their business the right way in every situation.