F1 Unite360: Site-to-Site Back Up Service


F1 Unite360 is a site-to-site backup service that automatically transmits and stores data using AES 256-bit encryption to another F1 360 appliance at a remote site. The IT administrator can easily recover the latest versions of data through a number of simple interfaces.

High-Reliability Management (HRM)
Manage your IT system with flexibility; effectively manage settings, view statistics and pre-set backup of files, folders or applications and analytical reports. Manage other F1 360 appliances from remote locations.
Instant Data Recovery
All IT system files are ready-made to be available instantly and continually in multiple historic versions. All servers and their respective applications (i.e. Exchange, SQL Server, Active Directory) are cataloged and protected under multiple point-in-time recovery modes.
User Directed Restore
This process can free up IT resources, creating higher productivity.

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