F1 Proactive: IT Monitoring / Overview


F1 Proactive is our information technology (IT) monitoring service built for providing optimal and intelligent IT support. F1 Proactive features a quick set-up time and works with a number of vital IT features.


Our monitoring service is at work 24/7 to make sure that your IT system is running optimally. We monitor servers, PC’s, remote offices, disk health, ISP services, websites, and more:


F1 Proactivate

F1 Proactive is our checks and balances monitoring service for ensuring that an IT system is running efficiently. By means of frequent analyses, your critical system components are checked and verified:

F1 Proactivate
Anti-Virus Pattern File
Critical Events Check & Reports
Daily Backup Check
Daily Anti-Virus Check
Exchange Information Check
Drive Space Consumption Check
Physical Health Check
Client Daily Report
F1 Proactivate Plus
*Complete F1 Proactivate Package +
Daily Workstation Health Check
File Size Checks
Ping Checks
Roll Your Own Event Log Check
Windows Service Checks
SNMP/Raid Array Checks
WSUS Check
Disk Space Check
Website Check
TCP Service Check
Client Daily or Weekly Report
F1 Proactivate Premiere
*Complete F1 Proactivate Plus Package +
Five-Minute Interval Option
Client Daily or Weekly Report
Server Performance Monitoring
Bandwidth Monitoring
Client Portal
Hacker Check

F1 Proactivator

F1 IT is here to help. F1 Proactivator is our instant alert service for notifying you of any substantial IT system issues. We believe in face-to-face service and will be there to rectify any disruption to your system. We also have the ability to communicate with you through E-mail, SMS text messaging or a voice call.