F1 Remote360: Data Back Up From Abroad


F1 Remote360, apart of the F1 360 continuous data protection service, is an abroad data backup service that automatically transmits and stores data using AES 256-bit encryption to another F1 360 appliance at a remote site. IT administrator can easily recover the latest versions of data through the F1 IT web portal.

Automatic Backup*
Protects IT systems’ data applications from common user error (software deletions, cyber attacks, etc.). Automatic backup occur on daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly scheduling.
Frequent File Overwrite
Enables F1 360 to pause large and frequently changing files to be backed up from a specific time. The Frequent File Overwrite process prevents aborted file transfer that occur during backup, ensuring backup reliability.
Quick Disaster Recovery
Offsite data backup, site-to-site backup and local archiving for complete systems (OS, files, applications, databases and settings), all within minutes.

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