"I have worked with John Paul over the course of the past 9 years and feel that John Paul is a great asset and organization to know. They have completed countless hours of work with the AT&T organization on a nationwide scale and have the manpower to complete the task at hand."
-Brad Webb, AT&T


"My company has been a client of F1 IT since its inception. At my previous company, I was a client for over ten years. Both John Paul and Matt are consummate professionals who treat us and our IT dollars as if they were their own. They are true partners and I highly recommend their services."
-D. Scott Lundy, President & Chief Executive Officer, Renaissance Rehabilitation Services


"I have worked with John Paul since 1997 which is when I started at WolMed Medical. Thru the years John Paul and his company F1 Information Technologies have gone above and beyond to make sure we receive excellent service. I have personally gone thru a couple of accounting software change over’s without any problems. John Paul made sure someone was there the whole time to make sure that everything went smoothly even though that meant staying way past business hours. One of the main things I like about F1 is that they have someone on call 24 hours. I often work weekends and the couple of times that I have had problems I was able to get a hold of someone to help me immediately. I would highly recommend F1’s services to anyone.."
-Lisa Baldwin, Accounting, WolMed Medical